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scientist. evolution. equality. grad student researcher of nudibranchs @calacdemy. science communication. brains behind Science, Neat

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Can you tell the difference btwn these two? One is wild carrots, the other poison hemlock #acad101

Stomach contents, another important part of museum collections. Bitis arietans, thx Jens #acad101

Just a regular day at the "office" #academy101

this place is incredible

Hey Cali, did you know M. pyrifera & M. integriforia were morphs of same species. H Hargaryen #EVOL2014

The penis bone blinks on & off throughout evolution...N Schultz #EVOL2014

Phenotypic plasticity session notes #EVOL2014 caterpillars, insects, mice, plants

Convos in Evol Edu session w/ talks by biologists very diff from convos w/ edu's alone #EVOL2014 #inspired

"If we battle btw Knowlege & Acceptance we might be chasing the Ass's shadow" notes on evol edu M Rowe #EVOL2014

Religiosity beats education in evolution understanding - L Rissler #EVOL2014

Let's die happy-Notes on Sexual Selection by Trevor Price #EVOL2014

C Martin passed around 3D printed pupfish jaws during talk #EVOL2014 #bestever

. live-tweets his talk and gives a shoutout to nudibranchs, Rad(ula)! #EVOL2014

Winners strike more. Mantis shrimp ultra fast weapons notes P Green #EVOL2014

Awesome urban adaptation talk K Winchell! Urban Anolis have more lamellae #EVOL2014

Spiders vs snakes...Venom Evolution session notes #EVOL2014

Notes on Climate & Evo Change session 305A butterflies, hummingbird, frog, mouse #EVOL2014

Hummingbirds can't solve their problems by eating more. Notes on H Graham #EVOL2014

New Ruby Seadragon. J Stiller -the specimen sat in a museum for almost 100yrs b4 recognized as new sp #EVOL2014

I remember you're toxic - notes on K Kante #EVOL2014