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Science. Evolution. Equality. Grad student researcher of nudibranchs @calacdemy. Brains behind

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Love Tentacles exhibit see how my chromatophores change with my mood.

Check out my fav sci illustrator selling prints tonight!

Who remembers this game from the 1980s?! Redone for science at #teensciencenight

Who remembers this game from the 1980s?! Redone for science at #teensciencenight

Great talk on metagenomics & microbialization by Forest Rohwer

Can you tell the difference btwn these two? One is wild carrots, the other poison hemlock #acad101

Stomach contents, another important part of museum collections. Bitis arietans, thx Jens #acad101

Just a regular day at the "office" #academy101

this place is incredible

Hey Cali, did you know M. pyrifera & M. integriforia were morphs of same species. H Hargaryen #EVOL2014

The penis bone blinks on & off throughout evolution...N Schultz #EVOL2014

Phenotypic plasticity session notes #EVOL2014 caterpillars, insects, mice, plants

Convos in Evol Edu session w/ talks by biologists very diff from convos w/ edu's alone #EVOL2014 #inspired

"If we battle btw Knowlege & Acceptance we might be chasing the Ass's shadow" notes on evol edu M Rowe #EVOL2014

Religiosity beats education in evolution understanding - L Rissler #EVOL2014

Let's die happy-Notes on Sexual Selection by Trevor Price #EVOL2014

C Martin passed around 3D printed pupfish jaws during talk #EVOL2014 #bestever

. live-tweets his talk and gives a shoutout to nudibranchs, Rad(ula)! #EVOL2014

Winners strike more. Mantis shrimp ultra fast weapons notes P Green #EVOL2014

Awesome urban adaptation talk K Winchell! Urban Anolis have more lamellae #EVOL2014