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The WQCI works to increase capacity for, participation in, and acceptance of composting in western Queens.

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Stacey at Getting Green Done "Don't be a think tank, be a DO tank."

Grey water system used at for Liberty Plaza plant irrigation.

Drop off your food scraps at the , every Tuesday from 4:00pm to 5:30pm. #compost

Join us at the #Jackson #Heights for compost workshops, contests, and games, today from 11am-1pm.

Latticed sunflower stalks in a later of the #compost windrow at .

Field practice day 2: free air space test. Use densely packed bucket, fill w H2O, weigh & divide by 40. ()

Bulk density #compost test. Fill a bucket 1/3, drop from 6" 10 times, repeat twice ()

Using a manual hand pump and CO2 meter to take an oxygen reading: top & edge 12%

#Compost pile temp fourth reading, bottom & middle: 108 F ()

#Compost pile temp third reading, bottom & edge: 128-130 F

#Compost pile temp second reading, top & middle: 110-120 F ()

#Compost pile temp first reading, top & edge: 125-130 F

Field practice day 2: using a CO2 reader and a Riotemp for O2 sample in a pile. ()

I went to #North #Carolina #compost boot camp and all I got was this stupid blister.

Team Chicken Little w our finished pile.

Added 50% more water than the calculator analysis, for the right look & feel. Of 6 teams our pile was uniformly moist.

Feedstocks = broiler bedding, stable bedding & (mostly) dry yard waste. As a test group we couldn't use vegetable scrap.

#North #Carolina State University compost demo site. ()

Just finished building a #compost pile with a team at Council training.

Answer this question to get a free bag of #compost?

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