I code neat things in a bad language. I prefix the word Fool to all my creations. I make fun of my sugoii 3dpd gf. I really like Nymph, Reisen and bad anime.

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Strawberries and code

Weird shit moving in the station

Italian station in Italian nation

Moar lasagne

In bassano

What i like of my bicycle is that it's always where I left it. Unlike of when my mom puts it anywhere.

I hate traveling by car

Today I am OUTSIDE

Had to take off the sweater, and oh god this shirt can be flashy

A micro nymph joins the team

I wish I could post pics from my camera but xd isn't even compatible. Anyway...

Breakfast at mcdonald with and

I am so old that my fav snack is black olives.

On train

It's so big... I am not sure if it will fit my mouth...

Going back home

In Rovigo