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"Paul who? Oh, he must mean the home furnishings store...". Google is an idiot:

Sometimes the Sunday Times borders on parody:

Every few weeks I receive an email intended for someone else with my name:

Both teams have opted for the special 'chaffinch' formation:

Just opening a few emails with my special letter knife:

Broadcasting House is now a sad ghost. Very mysterious:

Not sure I like the idea of emus patrolling the streets:

I went to Lidl. It was okay but I felt it needed a mascot so I created one:

MOVIE NEWS: Hollywood to release every film in 'tallscreen' to appeal to YouTube users:

I'm glad there are no adverts on the BBC, but I'd still like to see something like this:

A story of love and Tesco:

Front page of the Guardian website. KABOOM!

Following the success of Modern Canadian, I'm launching a new magazine:

The seeds of the Coren/Mitchell wedding were right there in Victoria's Favourites:

I've mocked up a cover for Modern Canadian. This could be issue 7:

Another handy bird to reduce the stress of Twitter (for group replies):

Sometimes I find Twitter stressful, so I've created this to help:

TWITTER: I call on you to complete my important toast task. Here are the instructions, thank you:

Inspirational words from Donald Trump:

Typed Correspondence of Consideration: Michael Keaton writes to a young fan in 1989: