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When Waypoint's Warlock Coven convenes a meeting:

I have to think of a mog, now! Maybe the white warlock base, but with different accents? Hm.

In my headcanon, monks have begun filling the parks of Azeroth in the morning, practicing their kata.

A friend gave me this in game. Carry it with you this week.

"So many Resto druids."
"Isn't it wonderful?"
"Yes it is."

[Cyn]: We need a name for the Longfang Howler right outside the Silken Fields.
[Kara]: Terry.

SET spellEffectLevel = 1000
SET island = ON FIRE

Affliction in a nutshell.

Paladin Jokes (cc ).

Sorry, critters.

Meet us at the Dooker Dome.


I could stand to hear a little more.

Twin Peaks weekend means nearly naked dwarves all over Azeroth!

Goblins know how to fish.

… why is my Forsaken warlock still wearing a mask? And why is she refusing to take it off?

Upon viewing my unmogged outfit all I can say is: thank you for Transmogrification, .

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