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I heard #GOP #Conservatives aka #TeaParty always complain about redistribution of wealth as Socialism! The are wrong

To every Christian #Conservative aka #TeaParty who is against abortion

Gun lovers ask me all the time...I ask them right back.

I'm looking forward pass 2014 when I debate #RWNJ & slap them with this Q!

Why I love Costco

And before you cast your vote, let this #GOP accomplishment sink in your mind!

There's mans...there's males...and there's #GOP aka #TeaParty

Hello #GOP... Hello! Remember us? We remember you & every bill you didn't pass!

The lesson of Holocaust and the shame of Israel!

Matka, Macedonia

Pope Francis make sense to me...his my hero!

One need such sense of humor to come up with this picture! Attention #NRA guns lovers

Conservative just don't get it! All their love for the Founding Fathers & they never get it!

Rethink everything you ever been told from #GOP about economics & Social Security

She is and always will be a Statesman! #Hillary2016

The criticism of the the most discussing hypocrisy perpetuated by the well off

Devastating truth...I'm sorry, but I have to post this into twitter posterity!

No, sorry I will burst your well establish bible bubble!

Are you freethinker? Are you?

Did I ever told you I love Edgar Alan Poe?