Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

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Look at the baby gecko on my bed!

This kid is walking on water. He standing on the sea! #miracle

I have been cheered up by the arrival of an excellent #kitten

Happy Khmer New Year

The road itself is packed with people on any every of transport going to find a picnic space near the beach.

There is a TV channel dedicated to flight arrivals and departures. This is actually on my TV. With Muzak.

My new best friend. Got caught feeding it milk in my hotel room. Oops. #kitten


This is the best thing I saw today. #kitten

Hotel lift. Made in China. How can you tell?

I wish I had an old photo of my mum to tweet. I've got a photo of me & - she'd like that better anyway.

Best road sign ever. #elephants

I just opened the stationery folder to find an envelope and look what I found! It's a fax template! I can send a FAX!

This one is my favourite. He's a tusker. They're quite rare cos we hunted them all.

I have seen approximately 15 wild elephants. Sri Lanka has the best elephants in the world.

I have seen a monkey and a massive squirrel hanging out in a tree.

I have seen a monkey and a massive squirrel hanging out in a tree.

I've seen two more wild elephants. I'm not in a game reserve. They're just wondering about all over the place. Look!

Look what I saw at work today.

Jar of Marmite: 60p; Good English Tea: Free in hotel room; Sri Lanka: Priceless.