I was raised by my granny.

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LADIES! gay/straight/bad picture? haha

Peppers and roast beef pasta. I don't like momo's white sauce -_-

"Twins of All Twins Pink Carpet Birthday Bash Premier" WE NEED FI REACH!!! lmao

OH SNAP lmao daaaaaamn

BUH!! :O

This Ubah Hassan. She is a model from Somalia and I think she's GORGEOUS.

Tank has a new album coming out YAAAAAY! The last one "Sex, Love and Pain" was so solid! Totally underrated.

*packs bags* *buys ticket* LMAO

Spotted in Twin Gates, bigniss convention.

But mi nah look how dah bredda yah put a splash of blonde in him hair.

Is a girl still hot if her ass, tits and god knows whatelse fake? :|

Woiiiiii food time!

This looks promising :) *puts on apron*

WHAT THE HELL TUMBLR #internetafterdark

So I'm on tumblr minding my own business.... and it's HELLO BACKSHOT. *exits*

*sings* Thong jeans and fitted, in distressed pants we did it!

you see, I blame Nicki Minaj for this upsurge in fuckeries...

Two piece fi get wear? Oh I see...