I was raised by my granny.

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Gonna wash my sister's hair. My little lion cub <3

MEANWHILE, in Hi-Lo *blank stare*

*mauls plate* OM NOM NOM NOM. #fatbitch #breakfast

Snack time! Green and Blacks organic dark chocolate :)

Restaurant guide, GO! :D

Sweet and sour sherry fish + garlic mashed potatoes.

Lunchtime! Cabbage rolls haha

It's the X-Games at Univeristy of The West Indies!

Dear Santa, I've been a good girl. So I want him so I can be a bad one...

Twitter, look at this boy. Mixed prints are in but this is ridiculous.

Good Morning!! Wake the hell up. a pie chart.

There is Cleavage and then there is...I don't even know...

Oh, we see you alright.

Holy shiiiiiit Durians!! :O

It's about to be on and POPPING at 10PM. Semola, y'all!

Let's play a quick game of SPOT THE JAMAICA. :| hint: look for the concentrated rain.

Bwahaha Clovis' editorial cartoon. (Via ) the war is on!

Why people don't buy shoes in their size? You want the sandals THAT BADLY? The toe looks broken.