I was raised by my granny.

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Wonderosa, as a baby. I was KILLING DEM HOS!!! Also, dying a slow death in all that taffeta -_-

So. I'm thinking of getting locs. But not the small ones. Medium? HOW THEY MEASURE THAT SHIT? Anyway, like dis:

This photo from Fist Brown's album release party. LET US TALK ABOUT IT.

Low --->

Bring on the Ciara and Keri Hilson comparisons again.

this lady has the most amazing locs :O

Snoop Dogg had Nate Dogg's face tattooed on his arm. That's real friendship to rahtid :O

This is my dream. I can see myself at 40 with big wild hair :D

Who see the Editorial cartoon today in the Observer? WHOOOOOO? LMFAO!! #barbados

Let's have a toast to the big girls...

JAPAN for the win! Fix a road in 6 days yes. In Jamaica it would take FOREVER. FOR. EVER.

OMG LMAO best Easter ad every year, Tastee!

I do this every time I see . Like JESUS. JESUS HELP US. *does squats* Someday that will be me :|

I see a bax in dre's future yhear?

Wonderosa, as a baby. A FAT BABY -_- a very very fat, giggly baby.

Anyway though... #buju

Done the salad, gonna fry the bammy and sprawl off on the couch next to mum, who is playing Garnet Silk.

Still down SMH but the bestie bought me this *hug up*

LMFAO #MeanwhileinBeehive counterfeit Nanny SMH #niggadom

Meanwhile, in Hi-Lo #wtfisthischronicles