I was raised by my granny.

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Remember ladies, say NO to lace front wig glues and all that shiz :| Jesus be a HAIRLINE.

The world's largest jellyfish and HOLY SHIT OMGDhgahfsdas I hate the ocean :|

No, you buy a sandwich and it's all wrapped up and you get home and THIS...

This is what an ad for SLAVES looked like. Black people, REAL PEOPLE, fellow HUMAN BEINGS. #trustnobitch

KERI HILSON, we a go tell janet, yhear?

Ciaraaaaaaahhh, we need to have a small talk about your lacefronts. Just a SMALL TALK.

Oh gaaaaawd I wanna shave both sides of my head like this. :O

This girl DOES a look like me holy shit O_O INTERNET, WHY?

Maybe I should marry a geek. OMG Living room woulda shot...

Oh Kelis, I love you dearly.

WHO REMEMBERS the fights that would break out over Spice Girls lollipops? :|

It's :O Yappie! I want those glasses. ( Pic from Saturday Observer )

BUH. Panadol "Advance" they're supposed to work faster than regular panadol. We'll see about that :|

Mmm Lara Stone. I wonder if I can redo this shoot. I have my bunny teeth already -_-

My brother got a mohawk, now he feels like a badass mofo LOL look at his tiny eyes *love*

I love this dress :O I want this dress. To twirl in.

I didn't want to laugh but LOL her face *can't look*

When men do shit like this and think it's perfectly heterosexual...

This is the editor of GQ, LOOK AT THIS FLY OLD MAN. LOOK AT HIM.