Possibly your West Indian cousin.

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#dearfuturehusband let's get old and inked up. maybe not this much, but still badass.

Is this bitch tryina be all #twitteraftadark with her BABY BEHIND HER? Yo. just...WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

Ain't shit OK about OKC tonight -_-


THIS GIRL THOUGH :S I just....I don't even know where to start. *gives up*

I NEED this National Geographic book "Deadly Instinct". Look at the look on that wildebeest's face LOL dead!

And this Derulo boy just keeps looking more and more like a cockmongrel...

OMG I love Tiramisu (cake) has anyone tried this new ice cream flavor? :O mommy and I ah going crazy in yah.

"PEPPERCORN ROASTED PORK" :O!!! I'm literally sitting here and staring at the photo and willing it to be real.

This Derulo boy stay looking like he love the dick -_-

He's probably gay but OMG :O His eyes are beautiful :O

This girl looks so much like me O_O I guess now I know how I'll look with the locs and septum piercing

Babies! So cute OMGSjdghahsdhafsd. *holds ovaries* SILENCE, DAMN YOU!

"Denise as MISS SUCCESSFUL Presentz.... Birthnight Bash: Cock It Up Pan The Dumpa Truck" OMAGAAAAAWD LMAO

This lady, jilted on her wedding day, CHUCK AWF of her building and this man CAUGHT HER BY THE NECK. Real bad man.

Plastic surgery, you age AROUND IT. Remember that. :| Exhibit A: