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Just been sent this pic by Pa from when I had hair in Kinshasa. Didn’t realise Mother was Princess Leia...

Last 25 cards to go into boxes and onto the truck. Then this peak period 2013 can get FUCKED. :)

I like Nigel Farage. Just realised who he reminds me of though:

Fixed that for you. /bcc

Found this pic from the start of Arena in a file. Arena has STOLEN MY HAIR AND MY YOUTH.

…and BANE. /cc

… Bob Dylan through a filter…

Today I went to Hyde Park and saw a pukka snowman….

actually it's looking quite good (ie BARREN) this morning.

*nervous face. closes window without granting permission*

Looks like the recession is biting at my old school: #newequestriancentre #WTF?!

The not AT ALL totally lethal contraption: #xmasmassacre

Press ganged by Pa to help cut some plastic to make this device for AmazeBox. It'll be a refilling chute.

Non-flower stock for AmazeBox has been purchased. Site is 95% functional. Boxes and inserts arrive on Friday.