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What the fuck?

you bring shame on the family, bro. cc via

here's what I read:

Either this mirror pair is wrong or I've been elongated an my shoulder physio is really paying off:


seems I have identified the culprit. Haha.

Really lovey pic of my bro () with my nephew and my niece. I call it "The Child Catcher At Work":

Just been sent this pic from my Trip last week. Can't believe I met Robert De Niro. Love it.

heh. Good point. Just for you, here is a bizarre ad about a parrot (I didn't scan the QR code):

Last pic from Cannes. Classy stuff.

Gazing cheerfully towards the scene of his next accident?

Pretentious pic of the day taken with my phone. Bad Will.

#LAMFRT Look at my fckn red trousers. Cannes queue edition. Also sporting a fedora. #ponce #gratuitoustwitpicoftheday

I see Nige us topping up the UKIP coffers with a bit of advertising in France. Nice.

My first ever Cannes celeb shot!!!!

Thanks for the LIFE STORY, O2. Sheesh.

WTF? Look, we've been over this bullshit before. NO!

This is my favourite write up of Fergie's exit thus far.