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There's still time! Submit your infographic for our Women Bike contest: http://www.bit.ly/16FRXIp

You have ONE MORE WEEK to submit your infographic! Details: http://bit.ly/16FRXIp

Continue discussion: Join us Oct 4 for webinar w/ on trends and opportunities #interbike #womenbike

Who’s propelling that growth? #womenbike #interbike

What’s the fastest growing #bike category? Transit/fitness bikes #womenbike #interbike

$463 million -- that’s how much women’s product sold through IBDs in 2012 #womenbike #interbike

Women are the new majority; 60% of bike owners aged 17-28 years old are women #womenbike #interbike

Women = 37% of the bike market in 2011, spending $2.3 billion #womenbike #interbike

10 Myths about Women & Bicycling #womenbike #interbike http://bit.ly/1aTrwHK

Women control 80% of U.S. consumer spending; will the bike industry cash in? #womenbike #interbike

How much money did women spend on bikes & related items in 2011 alone? Take a guess. http://bit.ly/19HB8k2

Wait, are more men & fewer women riding? We asked the experts to explain the competing numbers http://bit.ly/14ItDGn

Why is bicycling often more difficult for women to fit into their day-to-day lifestyle? http://bit.ly/17v0v54

With kids, cargo & more, making biking convenient is critical to getting more women on bikes http://bit.ly/17v0v54

New numbers show MORE women rode their bike 6x or more in 2012 compared to 2011! http://bit.ly/1a3SSXI

New numbers bolster data that shows more women than men are riding bicycles in the U.S. http://bit.ly/1fwI6Kj

Happy Friday everyone! We spied this request in a #DC bike lane earlier this week...

Have you seen an increase of women riding in your communities? http://bit.ly/13hXJ2K #womenbike

Join us *tomorrow* on 2 keys to increasing female ridership: comfort & convenience! 1 pm EDT http://bit.ly/14QnjeE

Are protected bike lanes encouraging more women to ride in your community? http://bit.ly/13hXJ2K

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