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I gotta say- I like my PB & J right next to each other, not separated by another piece of bread.

We have a cat named Sketch who drinks water from the faucet. We're not proud of it, but it's cute. Don't judge.

i got
one from when I was a kid:

Another John flowers pic.

John Flowers tweeted this pic. Enjoy!

Sketch thinks the guitar case is comfy:

Here it is:

"What did you do today?" "Well, I colored the Band-Aid on my thumb to look like Batman...why? what did you do?"

Sketch wants to see if Shawn White can get gold.

That's a big birthday beer!

Sierra enjoying tissue paper:

Sketch enjoying tissue paper:

Great atmosphere...coming from 12 back to win...let's go mountaineers!

Let's go Mountaineers.

5 rows off.

Usually Hallmark does a good job with their ornaments, but this Roethlisberger...yeesh.

here's a pic. It's half assed and ebanks pic is awful.

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