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I'm a total geek who plays online poker. That was until the DOJ got in the middle of things.

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This mean Verizon is still sleeping this am at my house? Don't remember seeing "searching" before.

Also take this up at least one notch

Ok maybe it is THAT cold :)

Even if he was your best friend, would you follow him?

Seriously? A 20 degree drop tomorrow to Thursday.

But not spicy salsa. :)
Aunt Wendy spoils again.

Yesterday nephew propped his dragon up like this so he could watch us read the when a dragon moves in naptime story

Mr Dragon came home with me last night. I'm going to be in a little trouble when I give it to my nephew #OhWell

He's adorable. And only $12 at Costco.

Here's what my 4S with Verizon looks like. I think the LTE might have been the reason to upgrade to 5

Who designs a mid size car looks at that rear view mirror and says "yep that's good"

This new weather app "Haze" I got free from Starbucks app really is kinda simple and pretty

451, 452.. Um ... 453, 454
#MathIsHard for app

All over LA Valley they are repainting the crosswalks with this AbbyRoad look. Any idea why?

It's August 1st so this shouldn't shock me right?

Not really just this dent.

Quietly watching the world go by:

I’m going with the flash made this dent look worse in the picture than it does in person, IRL it looks fixable.

Yep your computer is slow. Nope has nothing to do with a virus (I’m currently downloading windows updates)

See the treadmill gets “used”

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