Award winning skateboarder, innovator, inventor, philanthropist. Working blue collar til death because my daddy did it. @ilikegirlsdaily follows me, envy me.

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If you took that shit....

my view right now.

Million miles.

She's a gorgeous bitch. :)

They're cute as babies, but when they hit 12 weeks, they hate your guts.

HOLY SHIT! How funny! Games not even over , Thunder App bails !

this is a fraction of Cottonwood all piled up in a drift, from a single tree. #worldstallestweed

YEAH! Mike from OKC kicking the wheels ass!

I just washed and detailed my truck so it will rain like crazy. #sacrifice

This Black Sabbath song sounds like the theme from Friends. #clapclapclapclapclap

It's dangerous out there, kids. You'll need this.

HELP!! You're the only one I can trust to help me cut this priceless gem. #limesareoutragious

Million miler. :)


Hard to see, but here's the Edmond tornado, you guys were in it at this time. I-35/15th exit RT : I added a video to a playlist Tornado Chasers Trailer: Full 2013 Season

No Mom. These aren't chicken. Haha

badass shirt!

Old pile of shirts slated for Goodwill. #unsavory

Yup. RT : PF for each player?

Is this Zombie Elaine from Seinfeld? #telemundo