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I gotta tell ya, if their meal presentations look like this, I'm compelled to enjoy a brew there.

It's a warm October afternoon, but I need something to liven me up. Ready to chill with a frozen dessert, anyone?

A moment of Serendipity! File this one under "I Kid You Not": the order of tags on my Kred page these past moments.

I wonder about the dress code at a pubic school (in a banner of speaking).

I've never eaten at Cool Cow, but I'm about to become one very soon!

I just won a contest on 's blog: 3 #OmniFreezeZero shirts for 1/2 price. Bought 'em! Woo hoo!!!

Nice! And so, the winehiker burrows deep for this not-as-concrete-like Eggs Burroughs recipe:

Not entirely sure, Karl, but I think I'm still sitting in your inbox. And it's kinda cramped in here!

That's cautiously good news. Thought you might enjoy how your last 3 tweets appeared in my Tweetdeck.

Redwood trees fall sometimes, and at #MuirWoods, someone is bound to hear it. This tree took out a bridge!

Church or beer? Boston tweets way more about beer | << Fascinating "blue" vs "red" demographic.

There is something magnificently majestic about early mornings along the Golden Gate.

Watching some of today's #SFGiants recap. Hmmm... my 22 oz. Jersey's fitting a little tight.

Just harvested some oregano. You're welcome to claim some, but you'll need to come get it. I'll pour wine! #fb

Santa Clara "Red Ribbons" Clarkia wildflowers are blooming now in the bay/oak woodlands along the Zinfandel Trail.

A perfect Spring day for a bike ride along San Tomas Creek. The perfect capper? An albariño from .

Oh's an Attack of the Killer Zombie Bunnies!!! Friends don't let friends walk the trails without a guide.