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I'm director of Jigsaw Renaissance and organize/moderate the Seattle H+ discussion group. I enjoy comics, Parkour, and the Future.

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20s portrait of me by off a Polaroid 220. Yes, it's the wrong direction.

Everyone: thank you. Trying to like it. + : visit more. : the rest is better.

the rest of it is even better:
Everyone else: thank you. + : visit more!

the rest of it is even better:

Well, I *thought* I missed my Mohawk until the dude at Rudy's cut it too skinny. Now might just start from scratch.

"Don't do it!" he shouted. "Think of the kids!"

I has coffee. I has a bow. I has mania in control (maybe).

Gingerbread geodesic dome with the peeps, complete with flaming marshmallow top.

OH: "firefox as it should be: smoking, with titties"

Citrus bath bomb from Bliss included a pteradactyl. Beside myself with glee. Delicious stink AND dinosaurs?

Should I trust and with things they got off eBay?... It IS "for science" (an isn't it all, really?)

Fixed issues, now just need parts. Then, freedom again.

The thing I'm most pleased with on a personal level from this week. Right now I'll take what I can get. Also, it's clearly awesome.

Elevatorcon rehash!

Need a name for my bike. Prefer cyberpunk, androgynous.

At , , and Danny's art opening at Zero Zero hairsalon. PBR in the sink. #classy

More make-up than I possibly have words for. I brought this upon myself.

Dorkiest thing I've seen in a loooong time:

Techno is a tiny lion!

HOLYSHITGUYSMYFISHMADEBABIES. Group of spots between shells. I wondered why they were tearing up the tank...