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I'm director of Jigsaw Renaissance and organize/moderate the Seattle H+ discussion group. I enjoy comics, Parkour, and the Future.

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"first, you dye your hair. Then you join a hacker/maker space. Then your toe shoes come in the mail." (via )

New art on the back of my motojacket! Still needs to be cleaned up, detailed. Robot with wings and guns!

Twitterverse: butter, or margarine? Solid consistency.

Point the first: sanity in my favorite Pantone. Productivity and breathing.

: the stickers for arrived via Jesse, and they're rad!

My Jigsaw peeps know me all too well. Major

In the house I grew up in. The tree I planted as a seed at 8yo outside. Mom kept my sculptures, including this eyeball farmer.

and I just signed the lease on 1026 Madison for . Aaaahhhh! Itllworkitllworkitllwork.

Damnit, I got my tatt in the wrong place. But I do have recursive gummy bears!

Infograph instructing fans to *not* hump Nimoy's leg=Best Thing Ever. (& why I'm not allowing myself near him - couldn't resist)

While "Muscle Milk" has "milk" in the goddamn name, it doesn't actually contain any. No more purhasing beverages before caffienation

Was gifted this humbow with a face at #is9 due to my enthusiams. What shall it be named? #giw

Did Stuff to make up for bitching about not doing stuff. New shower curtain!

There are worse ways to spend Sundays than with no laptop, playing board games, and tasting wine.

Corgi puppies so utterly fail to be ferocious that my day has ceased sucking. Also the trip to REI with the boy. #Tribe

dear LAX, please either stick to a structure for your lighting OR be random. The hodge-podge is killing my compulsive brain.

Last night was Conan/Metal/Chinese New Year/Fat Tuesday party. This is what it looked like.

Tequila! In champagne glasses! Welcome to Boston! (it's almost 1p, and I'm on vacation)

Wondering if and will check Twitter in time to anticipate their ambush.

Laughed myself to tears: Beau's hand as a Hutt. #kneedeepgeek

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