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These by the way..are OMG DELICIOUS!

Congrats for another emergency landing done RIGHT! You have a GREAT CREW! :)

My new friend

This is how hot it is right now!

Why does this lady dumpster dive with kids at Caltrain? So unsanitary. Do that elsewhere!

Clipper is a rather flawed system, to move to this and paper Clipper is the death of Muni. Viva Cash

In this nation gays will ALWAYS be inferior second class citizens. Let this nation fall already!

Acetone my ClipperCard to get the RFID out to implant into my mobile phone case

Caltrain 4th/King is giving away Clipper Cards AND FREE MINT PACKS! This makes my 4th card hahaha

I live here

Anyone else remember this?

Uhh yes beotches, I sure the fuck am listening to Dre!

Caltrain afternoon snack of champions


Open a little wider there buddy #caltrain

Dinner is served!

I'm a big fatty for eating all of these.

Here she is talking shit...

And there she is... All talking shit

Sunny SF day