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I use almost no minutes..

Clay Aiken or KD Lang? You decide..

Look what I found thanks to you! You're the best!


Illegally parked! This guy blocks driveways and sidewalks daily. Needs to be punished.

Oh booya! I got your Caltrain pimp seat right here!

What is his name? I see him and totally dig him. That's the boy I see everywhere!

What I see out my toilet..

I think I might need glasses...

Worlds ONLY Taco Bell on a beach.

Ride Caltrain and want to report peeps who break rules? Use your BlackBerry and join!

Second dinner of the night..

First dinner tonight...

who's stalking who here?

Hey girlie with pink hair on Caltrain 365 - I love your hair. Oh you sat across from me..

This ugly sad excuse for public transit...

Caltrain SB382 Loud mouth, can't try to hide when we already posted about you. Now your obvious.

Hey loud mouth on Caltrain SB382, can you respect the silence and talk loud at home?

Caltrain is noisy enough man on your phone eating Cornnuts.. Please shut the eff up!

I feel like people actually need to see how much I use data and why I bitched for a new phone.