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Not a box of chocolate, yet does have random flavors.

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I'm testing ones from JJ Royal. Just so-so.

loe pake jalur resmi atawa calo? Kayanya dikerjain sih. Laporin ke aja. Tuh ada nomer hp-nya.

Meanwhile, somewhere.. (Not my house!)

just bought myself 1 copy from Gramedia GI. No gift, though.

And the sumptuous Martabak to top it off..

And next: Ketoprak, drenched in rich peanutsauce.

Browsing over my foodpic collection. My 1st #drool: Chicken Satay.

Tried 2 new variants of Walls icecream. The Espresso kind is nicer, not too sweet. Yet my fave is still Almond.

*puk puk sembari nyodorin sate* Inget, jangan makan pake tusuknya, kak. *ngilang lagi*

Bruised arm from last week's injection. It was literally blue & black before. Wonder how much longer will it stay..

Garden Tea flavor from Clipper Tea (SG tea brand) with a strong aroma and delicate taste of Lavender.

Given and asked by a friend to read.

BBQ fishcake with shredded dried-shrimp filling. Chewy and salty.

All-time fave drink: Ka Cai Sin Mui (sour-plum in a lime juice). Refreshing thirst-quencher in a humid weather.

Heng Kee Ba Kut Teh PJ Old Town. Still consistent over a decade. Yum!

Interesting teapots.

Strange & sickening. This shaddow-puppet is originally from Indonesia & is now claimed as theirs.

The advertisment was mounted on random foodcourt tables. The Indonesians will cringe at it.

My dinner: Thosai Rawa, Mutton, Roti Bom, Roti Tissue. First two: savory; last two: sweet. All were good!

A plate of salad followed by 2-flavor pizza, accompanied by Earl Grey tea. Almost ordered a dessert. *burp*