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Doing a piece to camera from the top of Carrick Castle. We brought the big crane for Brendan (dir) and Mark (camera).

Look at this glorious motorcycle and sidecar outside our cafe. Like a prop from a WW2 film.

The view from the hotel room could keep me awake all night

In daytime we can see the new World Trade Center being built

The view from our roof top at at battery park in manhattan

Dayton TN. An historical footpath timeline. Check out 1879.

The security sign at the entrance to the Creation Museum. The museum complex is patrolled by armed security officers.

I took this pic of the Grand Canyon this weekend. The Creation Museum says it was caused by The Flood.

Some famous "creation scientists" - Kurt Wise (PhD Harvard palaeontology) is at the bottom

The garden of Eden (in Kentucky)

Noah (his head moves) planning the Ark.

He's a biggie. In the main entrance hall.

4004BC ... Lots of references to Ussher's dating of the universe

More dinosaurs (people are nearby)

Life inside Noah's Ark?

The Scopes Monkey Trial gets a mention at the Creation Museum. Last month I sat in the judges actual chair in Dayton!

This is the result of abandoning the Bible, according to the Creation Museum.

Darwin gets a mention at the Creation Museum. (He wouldn't like their conclusions.)

James Ussher gets a mention. In 1650 he dated the first day of creation to 4004bc. The Creation Museum agrees.

Ken Ham's father's personal Bible (much annotated) is part of the exhibit. Ken Ham is founder of the Creation Museum.