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Quip writer/joke sayer. Cult TV liker. Quizzer. Digital doer. Ukuleleer. In that thing in Doctor Who Magazine.

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At LQC with and .

Saturday night simultaneous equations (powered by gin).

Oh Robert Vaughn, you are spoiling us...

A new view...

Have randomly just found this in my office drawer. Thank you to whoever gave it to me...

Oh, maybe one more...


New Doctor Who Magazine! And blow me, who's that with , and ...?

New toy! Time to pretend I'm not massively malcoordinated.

There are two Agnetha brains in the Rani's computer. It'll overload!

Christmas present delivered today. Hurrah! Instruments++


Nothing is so good it lasts eternally...

Some let my mum near a record shop.

This character in Wallander is called Jonas Lidner. I think I've found your Swede Name.

Parents can always be relied on to embrace the spirits of Christmas...

So much meat. What a delicious #dietfail.

Oh my. Impulse buying has reached a tasty new level...

No honestly, girls, giant animals on your tops is all the rage.

So true. Funny how it seems.