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Hawaiian Sunset <3. Night y'all! ;)

Sunrise from the Waikiki Beach. <3 Good Day! :D

Aloha! Good Hawaiian AM! :) Got my running GGRRRR game face on. Trying to beat the sunrise. Love <3 the early AM O2 cardio. Don't forget your O2 today! ;)

Aloha! :) Lunch time with my #Hawaiian Lei, flower in my hair and my Beetlejuice britches. #ChowTime #GetInMyBelly :D

<3 Hawaii, USA <3

Sunset in Paradise. <3 #HawaiianLove

The best place to eat ever! :) Outriggers on the Reef. You grill your own food and a humungous salad bar to top it off. Perfecto! <3

This monster of sweetness is called 'Hula Pie'. I'm sure I can devour all of it. May take some time. #NoSharing ;)

Heading back to the beach! You really should head that way to. ;)

It's almost sunrise here. I just stopped to howl at the moon for a bit. ;) Good AM from Hawaii. :)

LoL! :D

How neato misquito looking is this! ;)

My 1st 4 mile early AM Hawaiian run! :D I think I'm 5-6hrs behind EST time. Soooo gorgeous here! You have to go if you haven't already.

Watch Out Hawaii! Here I come. Look up, I'm waving at you as I fly over you house. :D

Finishing up my packing. Do you think they will be able to find me? :D

Running a rump LOAD of errands before landing in Hawaii tomorrow. Can anyone do my on the go meal prepping for me? :) That would REALLY help me out. ;) And also pack my suitcase?! :D

Post office line + Beavis + nachos = Okayyyy :D

Got my girl with me! :)

Just wait till the Harlem Globetrotters see this pic of me! :-o WNBA watch out! :D

Hey there! ;) How ya dewin'?