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I'm not being unreasonable here, right?

So, what are the chances that new HTC screen replacement service applies to existing customers in the UK?

In fairness they both pale in comparison to this guy, who ordered ten paperclips:

Are you behind these accounts?

Just got this email.

£2 gets you eight of these. Enough?

You've inspired me tonight.

Rendering my final video of the day. Whew.

Nice of TfL to make sure their workers can remain stylish if caught in the cold.

Looks like you're staying with me.

Hey, I'm confused on how I've managed this. Not sure it should even be possible! Thoughts?

Finally! Proof I'm not entirely worthless! #MYFUK

This is probably a terrible idea. #iPhone4 #iOS7

The criminal adventures of Trevor, Franklin and Discface

21st century innovation for modern apartment life

This still irks me in the Dark Knight Rises.

Spot the odd one out.

Americans - can you explain why this happens?

Dressed for success.