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A passion for wildlife,music,and mountain biking when its not windy,within sniffing distance of the sea when not in the office

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taken yesterday Borage flowering mid Nov? Bit late for Pimms!

Flo- trained NOT to join the birds in the fields!as not used in the abhorrent field gun sport

Summer visit to RHS Hyde Hall - not only for flowers!

bit of rush job after work and can't blame the kids!#MikesBadgerCam

no birds in photo!ancient bird table had a makeover!new posh roof!#feedthebirdsday

Rosa 'Mermaid' a fave of Monet's - masses of buds still -*subject to weather* sunshine every day!

Decided to go sloe hunting in the sunshine,a bit late in the year, but came back with 4lb!

*peering out the window* looks like another hot one!:(

Budge up for badger watch!ta

Our fave office sign- come on its Friday!#gottimetotweet

This is our fave sign in the office-makes SOME people smile :) #gottimetotweet

Bit chilly and a yummy morn sky-liken to candy floss!can u still get that stuff?

Given this for my new desk and newly decorated office (after 18 years!) how did u know?

Given this for my new desk and office,ta ever so

Getting bigger and still growing!

Glad I don't live here-you would never get the post!

Took the dogs to the coast this eve-after the recent storms was amazingly calm

Can't beat the scenery north of the border but we do get amazing skies!

Much cooler now for our amble!its been a scorcher here!

Ahhh shouldn't 'av gone to all that trouble *swooning*

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