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A Stark but a Lannister by heart.

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hahahahahah thaaannkk youuuu... Look here..

I love seeing this.. Thank you


My two Teds (cellphone)... Black and red, just realized... it was unintentionally... ;)

View from my terrace.. Morning all!

Snack for the afternoon: choco chips toast with cheese cream spread...

Happy #EarthDay! Celebrating in ! With Iced Green Tea Latte and Iced Cocoa Cappucino!

U2 18?? Like this one?? Cool!

hahahaha.. Is this archaic to you? Lol well hehehehee...

what??? Wont open? Just my background before i open the phone..

haaa actually still said Ted the Bellhop not BellPhone.. Lol oh so dumb i am! Here Ted with the beard..

you dont believe it? Here's a proof.. Lol look at top left..

kyknya gw blom rilis ni poto... ;)

ooh i do have home made Koi pond..

nih mba yg ga demen Blonsky..

abang tambah ganteng yah?

biar bangun penuh dengan poto si abang!

oh oh oh seneng ga ama Nikki deh..

another one!!! Kangen ama si abang ya aloh! Kemane aje bang?

FYI!!! live from Krakow! Si abang yg qta kangenin!