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A Stark but a Lannister by heart.

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Dink. Fassy. James.

Dink. Fassy. James.

Oh. My. God. Bolivar Trask you guys! From the site:

Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Ghost.

Khal Drogo and Dany.

Setelah di baca, ada kok Tywin Lannister di graphic novel Vol. 1 ini. Botak.

Sudahlah. Selamat malam.

Nighty all.

right. So i wont disturb you no more. HOPE! #TheRisk #AwakeMySoul

maybe. So go write. And maybe this knight of badassdom will cheer you up! #Oddisthenewblue

Knight of Badassdom' trivia. - yaeyalah.

Cuma Peter Dinklage yang bisa pake vest/rompi lagi di luar jaket hoodie nya. #aneh

Angriest Man in Brooklyn tuh kapan rilisnya?

Angriest Man in Brooklyn tuh kapan rilisnya?

Richard Madden ganteng banget yah.

*looking at Nic H* JL: oh god, why do i have such a dork bf? | PD: why on earth did Jen pick him up as a boyfriend?

that is so cool. My wallpaper phone now, from deviantart too. Tyrion is too handsome here.

me too, i know right? Want him so badly. Love this artwork of Tyrion.

hahaha good point. Well Tywin act like that because he lost his heart, when Joanna died. #imho

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