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A Stark but a Lannister by heart.

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Eh gilak, kecil2 tangannya muscly banget itu Dinky... *baru liat nih poto* *sebelahnya Hugh Jackman, Fassy* #yaoloh

PR besok. Cari foto individual series dr Vanity Fair' Caught in the Act, potograper Howard Schatz.

Ketjeh banget sih pak!


Good night. See you on the morrow, Mr. Hanks!

Pantesan kurusan banget nih bang. Tapi tetep ketjeh. You are my one true love, Hanx!

Off to sleep! Guten nacht!

Errrrghh... Goodnight mi amigos!

I'm a fan of Zelig! She's so cute and adorable.

Kayaknya Khal Drogo ama si Dany “Khaleesi” Targaryen masih kangen2 an nih. My moon and my sun and star..

Relax, later Gyp Rosetti will have a party with Tyrion Lannister.. They're buddies! Congrats !

Nothing breaks my heart like true love… Night!

Oh well, movin on! Night...

Lock screen, bulet-bulet ala #iOS7

Too tired. Might as well, good night.

and i've got him. i'm not cheating.

Are you okay Annie? Annie, are you okay? *starbucks' barrista fail*

Whatever and goodnight.

let just say i'm one step ahead of gettin the book. Wait, no this just my tee-of-the-day.

Night all.