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“How did I lose my nose? I shoved it up your wife’s cunt and she bit it off.” - #TyrionLannister #withdrawal #day32

#Day14 #GoT30DayChallenge Fave pairing: Tyrion/Sansa. Book & Show, tho book ones a bit bitterly sad.

Dont judge.


Peter Dinklage: Jennifer Lawrence is quite a fan of ...

Peter Dinklage: Jennifer Lawrence is a quite fan of ...

Regarding to his 70' look as Bolivar Trask: "And that's my own hair, plus a blow-dryer. Voila!" - Peter Dinklage.

Lovely as always, Ms. Lawrence.

Our beloved, Mr. Sinister.

Looking good !

Nighty night.

Tyrion Lannister, hippies style.

Jadi mikirin bang kumis yg satu ini nih, jadinya...

G'night, y'all wise-ass!

'It's not my fault, please...'

Cheers to the freakin weekend, y'all...Westerosi style!

Kata aris, alay tua sejati... Tapi tetep ketjeh ah...

I talked too much, better to shut it now... Night y'all!