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CEO, Able Space Co. I'm a rocket scientist.

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The local MDA branch is presenting about on-orbit servicing.

The local FIRST robotics team is presenting. The gal on the left is the project manager.

At Boulder is for Robots meetup #3. Currently a talk about machine vision software.

When did Halloween become a card sending holiday?

3d CNC laser machined topographic map in clear acrylic.

Nixie tube frequency counter. Each display tube is full of neon and has ten wire digits, and it turns one wire on to show a number. This was the digital display between mechanical flaps and 7-segment LEDs.

Today I Learned how to use the Epilog laser, and thoroughly etched some acrylic.

Here's the schematic, I found it in two parts and put it together. PS is on the lower right.

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Taking the CNC router class at Club Workshop today. Can CNC 4'x8' wood or aluminum.

Taking the CNC router class at Club Workshop today. Can CNC 4'x8' wood or aluminum.

This great big broadwinged katydid is on my balcony making annoying clicking noises, trying to attract a lady. Doesn't seem to be working.

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Unpacking, for engineers.

It's interesting how the mountains just completely disappear some days, and Denver becomes a plains city.

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The view from my new apartment in Denver, though admittedly through a telephoto lens. About five miles to downtown.

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Drove up Mount Evans on Sunday, which at 14200ft is the highest paved road in North America. Here's me sitting on the cliff edge.

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Spent the afternoon biking around Denver using their bike vending machines.

I had started on an article about the competitors for the "Carmack Prize" 100kft rocket attempt. This infographic was about as far as I got. I may update it and finish the article.

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on the MOIDS instrument on the Aqua satellite. Off-white streaks are pumice rafts, green speck is Raoul Island, white streaks are clouds. Some rafts are kilometers wide, it must be a hell of a scene. Resolution is 250m/pixel, image was taken 08/10/2012 at 01:30 UTC. Full image is at

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Ha! They got rocks on top of MSL during the landing. Just like the shards of concrete that landed on top of Xoie during the NGLLC.

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The view just after the burst, at 11:45:49. The oxygen leaves a cloud of fog and has burned most of the free methane, making the fire temporarily smaller.

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20 seconds later at 11:45:38, a LOX tank burst. The white sparks are burning aluminum.

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