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CEO, Able Space Co. I'm a rocket scientist.

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If carbon diamonds were as easy to make as mach diamonds, no one would wear them as jewelry.

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We ran the engine until the trailer ran out of LOX, which meant it shot a bit of fuel out before shutting down.

Fuel+no oxygen+warm engine=fireball/flamethrower.

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New Starbucks Liquid Oxygen. When iced coffee isn't cold enough. (Testing a bespoke thermocouple amp.)

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Here's the after photo. It's not easy to shave the back of your own head.

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Photo by Orson of the Mojave Green rattlesnake I moved before we could fly the rocket.

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Orson, Dave, Jon, Ian, and me, after we loaded the vehicle on the trailer. This is the "before" photo, wait to see the 'after' photo next week.

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Ian M. Garcia is the first Cuban in the history of the universe to make the entire guidance system of a VTVL rocket vehicle.

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Concrete marks after the flight. Lightly melted the stands.

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It's alive!

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Once a vehicle passes the big four-oh (firings), doctors recommend digital... inspection.

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The Delta II launch at Vandenburg as seen from the Masten Space parking lot in Mojave.

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The mars yard at JPL. I was wandering around off the tour.

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From the other side, a photo from the high speed camera.

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A screen capture from the HD camera of the first full vehicle test on Friday.

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Getting ready to load the vehicle on the trailer. All systems are working.

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My new car. Rocket test trailer reflection in the rear panel.

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The 750 engine module, now with more plumbing and less leaks.

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Ian in his natural environment, staring at code or equations until the answer is apparent.

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My reaction control thrusters, with tiny DeLaval nozzles. 0.1 frame sits glumly in the background.

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Orson, Ken, Jon working on the engine module wiring and plumbing.

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