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CEO, Able Space Co. I'm a rocket scientist.

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The new aluminum landing gear on XA-0.1B-750. Wider spread, and lighter weight.

  • 1814 days ago via site
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New gear in progress on B, by Dread Pirate Vicegrip () and .

  • 1814 days ago via site
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WK2 landed at MHV about ten minutes ago. I guessed wrong on which direction it would land, it landed against the wind.

  • 1826 days ago via site
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Six Phantoms at BAE.

  • 1826 days ago via site
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In the near-ground takeoffs today, discovered an impingement shock disk in the rocket plume, the white rectangle just above the paver.

  • 1827 days ago via site
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A lightly melted concrete paver, under the engine on flight 13. Thinking of selling it on eBay.

They're just gray concrete until you melt it with a rocket engine, then greens and blacks come out.

  • 1834 days ago via site
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I do not fit well in the X-Racer, even with no parachute. My head was hitting the ceiling. Aleta pointed out the switch guards, which are aluminum replicas of titanium ones on the Space Shuttle.

  • 1840 days ago via site
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L-R: 3 rocket vehicles, XA-0.1B-750, X-Racer, EZ Rocket. At Moj Transportation Mus. monthly fly-in.

  • 1840 days ago via site
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Fractal frost structures on the LOX vent, as -300F oxygen interacts with dry Mojave air.

  • 1842 days ago via site
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Ken Brown of Masten Space Systems loads LOX into XA-0.1B-750 while White Knight Two does touch-and-gos on Mojave's long runway.

  • 1842 days ago via site
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I didn't find a rocket this morning, but I did find three skeletons. Here's one.

  • 1844 days ago via site
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The successful launch of Flometrics' LR-101-based "Mythbusters rocket". The engine is as old as the tanks on our vehicle, about 50 years.

  • 1847 days ago via site
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I did some publicity photos of the rocket engine earlier this week, here's one.

  • 1848 days ago via site
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(melted) Concrete evidence of today's testing. #moonfruit Blobs near gear are from today.

  • 1856 days ago via site
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Ian at the controls, as seen behind the engine on B. #moonfruit

  • 1857 days ago via site
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Currently 84F in Mojave, here's a scene from December 17th of B in the snow.

  • 1866 days ago via site
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Paul Breed demonstrates an autonomous helicopter flight at FAR today.

  • 1868 days ago via site
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Edwards AFB/Nasa Dryden as seen from Brown Butte, SE of Mojave.

  • 1879 days ago via site
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Hand blown glasses, my souvenir from Seattle. And some rocket notes.

  • 1890 days ago via site
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Planes doing midair refueling while turning over Mojave while we were setting up.

  • 1890 days ago via site
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