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Ph.D. in AI. Senior Policy Researcher, Horizons. Coder, numbers whiz, foresight expert. Sworn to use Evil powers only for Good.

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What up, Street View car? :-) #YOW

The sun is white. We just think it's yellow because of Rayleigh scattering.

My composition sucks, but the were brilliant! :)

So excited! Second row seats at the concert in Peterborough! :-D

With 3 Companions on board, Alliance checks are a breeze! Pricey, tho'? #Firefly

Do you have an explanation for this?!! #somanyimpressions

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Apparently Follower data is unlocked for me as well. Thanks, !

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She riiiiiiiiiiiiides!!! #personalbigdata

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Like, *this* bad.

Sunday night bliss: playing dominoes with ! :)

Here's the haze? #ottawa

This is my 10000 pi-th tweet! :) :) #achievementunlocked

Graph of internet uptake in the US over time, Pew Internet data, 2014.

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Planet Frequency Model

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Cropped Hootsuite client

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More analytics data! Yay! :)

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Twitter Analytics Data! :)

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Meta barnstar

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RGB spectrum image. CC-BY-SA2

My deepest sympathies. I have a cat who will pass soon, so I'm spending a lot of time with him now.