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This terlet has got a sound system in it

Man I was totally against rudder suit/sneakers thing, then I saw these

Been staring at this for like an hour, need to figure out who to talk to about kerning it

Good ol' Stan Diego

Not to sound like a dick but *transforms into anthrodick, screams "this is where I'm living for the next 7 days "*

Buttcat vs buttcat

Here we go again #sdcc2012

Happy birthday

I did something weird

What'll it be, ladies? (happy birthday )

Colored some eggs #eggs

Okay were ready to watch this stupid insane clown posse movie now, monitors all out of sync

Just friggin WIPED OUT going about 20mph, that dent and crack copula been my head. Wear your dumb helmets.

it's hard to capture the Emperor effect properly

You're not helping Gubna (you are kind of)

Everybody is ready for action

Ugh why can't I get out of bed #snowday

Sheriff Pony... With wings?

Amtrakin through the Berkshires in my own private café car, am told it gets better than this but I am skeptical

I'm Spirit Journeyin' now