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Okay let's do Stan Diego Commacon

My last two days:

Three days, 70+ pallets, and we're just a couple days behind on orders. Very proud of Team TopatoCo.

Scratchin this off the ol bucket list

Sixty thousand pounds of jokes

Neo-TopatoCo draws nearer

Not gonna lie, I still really enjoy setup at these thing, the ominous calm

All right let's do this I guess #phxcc

This is fucking awesome

Let's see if these squishables make it to the warehouse... Or to the ditch

Oh no now they're on the van this Situation is out off control!

Oh my goodness how did these TRexs get on to of this old trailer?!

This is the dirtiest non-dirty license plate I have ever seen

hey Rich what the fuck is "dingling"

Well THERE'S your problem right there

I an telling you this color is called Red Delicious so you can avoid the mistake I made #fourthcoat

We are grownups and this is what we drink.

When we moved in to 205 this was there, it's still there and I hope it stays.

Now it is time for hands down the most enjoyable part of any move...

Sometimes the art makes itself