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Well here's my first beer. Wish me luck. :p

and looking at mixers and guitars online .....

Look at all that happy. I can barely contain it!

but first

I got a DVD 4-pack at the grocery store. For like $5. #forserious


I've yet to read this. Perhaps today i should. :P

it'll go up after she stars as Beta Ray Bill in the next Thor movie

It's like his brother...

for realsies ;)

This cake is not. I repeat NOT. A lie!!! #stillalive

Yet when I click the topic .... nothing.

Why does the twitter app say #757 is trending...

Asian nachos bitches!!!

I'll see your image, and I'll raise you this one.

Watch the eff out for sankes!!!!

Ladies and gentledudes SICMaN. #HRVA #localmusic