ryyy (:


i love to dance-a, and a move-a ,and a shake-a, and a swing-a. imma beast-a. with a cheer for uncle sammy and another for my mammy. i love to, i love to dance!

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Wooooo!!!! Reserve seatings is the shytzzzzzz!!!!!! Best seat in the house!

First time at musashi with ! Place reminds me of Beverly hills ninja. Deeeeep! Legit!

It's been stuck like this for a good 10 mins now. Damn this 3G buffering. Gotta switch to t mobile now.

Gg to phil and the lakers! You had a great run! But despite of what happen...leggo!

bro!!! Is this who I think it is?!?! Makes me want coffee! Lmao!!!

Holy shyt this view!

Best late bday gift evah! Thanks ! :D

Don't have a valentine but I will always have this (:

Trying out the taste of the world at the coke place thingy. 16 different tastes...one of them broke my heart tho. Barf

Congrats getting 3rd ! proud of yous! :D

This just became asap? The hail? Lol

Busting out the pom poms! Letsssss go! >:D (lol can't really see it)

Here's another view.. Nice :d hahahaha!

Look at what my uncle has.. Makes a great cuddle buddy at night! Mmhmm ;]

Prebirthday cake! Thanks everybody! :'D

Omg s'more cupcakes are bomb!!!! Yes she does catering too! #advertisement


Damn feels bomb outside! Nice view to eat lunch :)

Wooo my very first fish taco with and abe! Wooo bomb!