Scott Almhjell


Owner of the BEST auto repair shop in Scottsdale Arizona since 1965, proud US Army Cavalry Desert Storm veteran, husband, father, and partly bionic man.

Photos and Videos by @whiteysauto

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New sign is lookin’ good.

remember that? Hahahahahahahahahaha



Crescent moon


Loogit that thing. Amazing. Patrick unfortunately killed it while trying to rescue it. ☹

It's obvious that the Russians modeled the Mi-24 Hind D after dragonfly's. Wow.

Seeking refuge from the gigantic dragonfly in our living room.

Holy crap. It felt like rotor wash from a helicopter. *grabs shotgun*

I miss my baby. When this hip is finally 100% it should be dune season. w0ot!

My trailer haz a sad. No Rocky Point. ☹

in all it's glory... ☺

Clean. Love those old dashboards.

Now THAT'S a car...

My little angels.

Thanks for the crippling Nutella addiction.

I can haz crepe please? kthxbai

This + coleslaw, + Boar's Head horseradish cheddar cheese, + Phil's BBQ sauce, + Kaiser roll = WOW

She has her own painting. Sweet baby.

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