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these if they are readable

So proud of Marcin - he got this award this evening at our awards ceremony. He's really pleased with it

Stalking #developconf

I see it's exhaust port! Quick fire the torpedo kid and let's get out of here

Look hell has a horn

OMG have these two documentaries in

And he's not on stage #whereselworthy

Is this him? #whereselworthy

Not here either #whereselworthy

And he's not in here ! #whereselworthy

Well Elworthy isn't here with the subject of his twitter/blog obsession #whereselworthy

strider is in his room! And I'm letting sleeping predators lie! I do love Zite as a reader it allows sharing so easily whether twitter,Evernote, email or others

bless he's tired

it's a cool badge I have one ^____^

my little treat pot

#pedagoolondon pre planning on snack front a bento snack box

I think today's front page sums up their Tory anti poor agenda. Tax dodger should of been main headline not an extreme edge case used to continue the bigoted stereo type of people on benefits being scroungers.

Ultimate name tag

The keynote speaker Jesse Venbrux

Hey is in Retro Gamer (I know late to party on this) yellow is not good colour for him. He will kill me for that I'm sure