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Oh look who we ran into at the theatre! Ta-da! #HungerGames

Look how hot and Santo are! is gorgeously represented for our segment on

Hair colour accomplished! Mucho thanks to for fixing me up. Oodles of love.

Check out this gorgeous gloss I picked up today from . This is their Lip Shine in Pink Grapefruit. #makeup

Sneaking a peek at the #Maybelline makeup studio backstage at #WMCFW

Cowboy chic and bright sexy makeup at #bustle #WMCFW

Some awesomeness at show. #WMCFW #fashion #Toronto

Just got seated to see the highly anticipated Line Knitwear show. The place is buzzing! #WMCFW

Think teddy bears are cute? Do you love Shaun of the Dead? Check this out from #nerd

Zesty Doritos, Lime Crush and a cheesy chick flick. #hangovercures with

Want a sip?

Aw! and I are in the Feb issue of striking a little pose. Hurray!

#FirstFridays after party with and gang. They sure know how to serve a Caesar!

Just gave local Channel 12 news aficionado, Kate Wheeler a soft, warm look. #makeup

I never tweet about #hockey but this one goes out to . For a brief second I was a puck bunny. #Boone :)

one more just for you

Some boozy porn to celebrate #SaturdayNight - Dirty Goose Martinis for all!

Today was truly #lollipops and #rainbows. Werd.

So who going to the #CNE this year is gonna indulge in one of these bad boys? #Toronto

...forgot about this Raspberry Cheesecake cookie that I got today. My night just got THAT much better.