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Chicago transplant. Moderate foodie, beer snob of sorts, lover of cocktails and cars. And don't ask me to explain what I do for work.

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#Ross RT : Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are on a break

This doesn't seem safe or legal. #SeatBelts

There is no justifiable reason a Cici's Pizza should EVER get a 5 star rating. Ever. Like never ever.

Me either. I did notice they're opening a new bar where the craft beer bar was at 2016 Main.

Apparently the McDonald's in Midtown is now a pickup area for the Greyhound Bus Station. #Facepalm

My top tweet of the week was about Coolio. What's wrong with you people?!

This flight has inspired me to start tracking my on-time departure/arrival experience with . Hint: abysmal.

Listening to CNN. Every time they say "dictator" I think of this. #CantHelpIt #WhatsWrongWithMe

It's one of those days.

Lopez looks like he belongs in the Biodome.

It's incredibly disturbing how many Chili's & Chili's Too's there are at O'Hare.

Because who doesn't want to wait 4 to 6 months to get a grill they ordered? #RetailFail

Apparently lip gloss with the cap off is also covered under the 5 second rule. #Gross

Not exactly what I was expecting when I searched Amazon for a storage system for coffee pods. #KCups

Which Wich apparently has a shrimp po'boy now. Interesting. should try it!

Googling pics of kittens eating ice cream. Another productive Saturday!

Today has started off really productive. And by productive I mean I'm looking at pics if kittens eating ice cream.

CVS making up for lost revenue from cig sales by getting people sick in-store so they buy more meds.

CVS plans to make up for lost revenue from cigarette sales by getting people sick in-store so they but more meds.

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