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Haha he needs a name

Haha he needs a name

Such an ominous day... Perfect for giving my notice at work.

Funny cause someone called me once and asked to speak with natasha but they meant

Always an interesting way to start a book lol

Lunching outside. Not too shabby

Someone grabbed me this from the breakroom today. Was peanut buttery .

Horrible picture but baby plane had a twin. Here we go again...

Would be fantastic if no one sits next to me!

Baby planes.... why did i sign up for this again ???

Yay up!

Union station waiting

Travel time again it seems!

Bro gave me this sad lookin frog... He needs a name...

In car. Funny when a bartender is surprised at how fast you can drink. Lol knew w

No internet. Might be a couple days? No one got time that!

Someone is working hard lol

Lucy was brought to my bed this mornin go we slept heh.. She is burrowed up un


Because i haven't broken enough bones