I'm so poor

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If I can’t staple the study guide, then there’s too much info on this test

Lol texted her from my phone and she bought it

digging the new tots! Keep up the good work! #dphotbox

How am I supposed to believe that this came out of a chicken? I’m not buying it

Thank you for the great insight

That’s right , single and ready to mingle

That’s right . Single and ready to mingle, we done

Happy birthday to my mother

Solving for kappa delta

What a fucking pimp

It's really disheartening to see someone making fun of another's sexual orientation

hostage bitch

Yo I yelled to you in your van and you didn't answer! Goodluck with the repairs though

Yes ISU, "I feel more attractive and sexy" when I drink alcohol

Stage 1 faggots

Whenever it says this, it really means like 5 minutes

PROOF! $350 for public urination and underage drinking. After this is paid the album is next. Follow back?

Every time I get an email from NSCS I think it's from the beautiful Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill...but it's not :(

Dumb hoes