Rush Limbaugh is not my brother, but he is still right. Obama is not my Prez & whoever voted for this loser should be digging a bomb shelter for our planet.

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Great Orange chicken with brown rice Also they are hiring in Dallas! #tcot

Brother stopped by to adjust my computer photo of her #Holidays


. is Christian man, Airforce Pilot & Leader of the Greatest job producing State in US #tcot #TeaParty

LICK THE Dems in 2012! #TFRW #tcot Blazing Trails To Victory !

Busy Bee on Halloween! Great Carnival!

Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday Party & Candidate/Elected Officials Fashion Show Sat, Nov 5 #tcot

Practice cake for Ronald Reagan Bday Fundraiser Nov 5th at Double D Ranch $30 Dinner FashionShow & Silent Auction #tcot

Alfie, Brody, Sofie They are all very sweet dogs!

1967 Chevy Test car before Gov ruined them for US. Texas State Fair #tcot

Birds of Prey Show At the State Fair of Texas! #tcot

Perfect day for the State of Texas Fair Ferris Wheel! #tcot

Boxer lovers Unite.

. Hey I see a family resemblance.

Really, Dogs are a persons best friend. Boxers are very clean & super easy to house train. Maybe not allergic.

My dogs support your efforts.

. Your an idiot. is Con campaign worker whose team actually gets ppl elected. U should apologize

. Here are some pics of my dogs for you. Boxers are the best!

Your Boxer is adorable. He reminds me of young Alfie on left. They are the best dogs!
Here R my pooches.

OBAMA'S new jobs plan is to add more regulations that will cost Billions. Killing jobs left & right #Nobama2012 #tcot

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