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Raspberries are in full bloom, so we went for a walk/hike around our yard and into the forest... check out round 1 of our berry booty!

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Happy12th Birthday to my youngest son, Mark!!! ♥

Breakfast out at our favorite restaurant w/ family, played with the gifts he received, had requested steak and tators' for dinner plus a big home baked chocolate chip cookie (instead of cake) made by his oldest brother and an ice cream drum stick ... he's having a fun birthday!

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Another : #NormanReedus as #Judas

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#NormanReedus as #Judas

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Easter eggs dyed & foil decorated by my boys.

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Sunrise. I'm up early while everyone else sleeps...

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I'm one of 250 #winning #tigerbloodintern applicants in Round 3... according to

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Perhaps I'm #WINNING with this birthday gift I have coming in the mail soon?!?! It looks awesome!

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Internet Goddess Award (for me! :) -it's awesome, yes?!) Special thanks to Lorelei and actor Bob Rubin!

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My kids played in the snow yesterday & had hot chocolate after. I took a photo late in the day & the photo turned out w/ a blue tinge!

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Actress Nina Dobrev ( ) in Flare Magazine

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Look at those peckers in my front yard on my tree!!!!

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I cut up some celery and 6 pounds of baby carrots for Thanksgiving Day... in the last bag, I found these baby carrot pants!!! haha...

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Our karate class photo, the day we got promoted on Sept 1, 2010. Boys are now orange belts and I'm a yellow belt. Guess we need a new photo already! ha. (L to R: Erick, Mark, Tim, Don, Dillon, Mike, Wendy and Barry kneeling in the front.) New site I designed: http://www.johnsonskarateinstitute.com/

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Heroes - Street Patrol : Superman and Spiderman patrol the streets for trouble on www.thetvfantastic.com

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Big snow in 2009... that's hubby showing how deep it is. We got about 2 1/2 - 3 feet of snow by morning.

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Photo taken as we await the next flight out to BWI, Baltimore airport. Missed my three boys very much!!

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Norman kept pulling me out to where he was outside on the patio a couple of times. As we spoke this time, Troy Duffy came by and I finally got him in the photo with us too. Norman of course showed his signature sign.

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Realized that I didn't have a photo of CB (Chris Brinker) or Troy yet... so when I saw Chris again, I had hubby take his photo with me and Paul J Alessi.

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