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Something witty this way comes; well, more so neurotic and usually slightly angry. (#fashion-geek #asian-entertainment)

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Pics or it didn't happen right

Read this to my lucky student, you can pay me $20 and I'll read noises to you too

My great passport for a great time

Could've used more streampunk + friend pictures to depict #theGreatCompany... but Great party nonetheless :)

Biggest laptop I've seen. 18 in, super heavy.

I have a cool life too

My mom's new #Nespresso machine! +milk frother +capsules are aluminum/safe. #coffee in my blood.


#jawnz and leather kicks.

#OCBD Oxford cloth button down club. didn't get the memo.

Woke up from my nap, took photo documentation to make sure what I saw was real. #naked #church #boys

Lol following/befriending #gdragon on Line is such a trip. I feel like he's actually talking to me.... *_*

Okay, bye.

Fair trade?! What that mean? No bees were involved in slave labor? Queen bee gave permission ?!

Just because the colors are pretty

Okay I drew it, can you make it for me ? :D

It doesn't look that bad right? My first creamed corn:

Tough life, real world.

Red! But is it for the Clippers or for the Rockets? Hmm... lol jk. JLin babbbyyyy~

happy Chinese new year ^^ #ootd #steampunk earrings #oxblood #CNY

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